About Us

Renault Business Academy is the successor of Renault Nissan Consulting, which was founded in 2012, in Romania. We provide training and consultancy services for the companies in the automotive industry and cover a wide range of consulting and training services in Manufacturing , Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Innovation, Purchasing, Quality and Support Functions, with an expertise of more than 8 years.

We offered training for more than
80 companies
during this period

We have organized an average of
35 training sessions
/ year

We have trained an average of
380 people
/ year

Renault Business Academy is recognized for its results in operational excellence, change management and business transformation.

Focusing on performance, management and organization, we have created a culture based on:


Sustainable results


Emphasizing excellence


Collective commitment


Equity and curiosity

We are very happy to hear about your new project RBA.Digital, as the current training options are mostly online, due to the COVID-19 we believe that this method is based on our needs and your various expertise can contribute to the continuous development of our employees and very important, cost-effectiveness, based on the unlimited courses which we can attend.


Quality of your services and your flexibility to organize sessions in different locations, according to the customer needs


We appreciate the structure and the training content, the diversity of the groups


Besides the theoretical part, the trainer has a very good skills for the accuracy of answers, interaction with trainees and the variety of the materials used for the practical part, mostly on the technical training. This has more than met our expectations.


Business Membership

With a Business Membership you will access all of our e-learning courses and live trainings, which will increase your company’s performance.