1.Who is Renault Business Academy?

Renault Business Academy is B2B training and consultancy entity of Group Renault, based in Romania. We offer our services to companies in Automotive sector, mainly to our supplier and dealer network.

2. What type of learning platform is www.rba.digital ?

www.rba.digital is our B2B learning website for external companies and it works like “Netflix” . Once you subscribe you get access to all content and training sessions available on the website.

3. How many people from my company can get access to the platform ?

4. I am an individual businessman/woman, I would like to participate to the training sessions, is it possible?

Unfortunately for now we deliver our services only to the companies(B2B), not to individuals(B2C).

5. What is the difference between live training and e-learning?

6. What is the limit on number of participants for a Live Training session ?

In order to organize a training session in good conditions, the minimum participants required is 4 and maximum 15 for each live event, no matter of they are mixed groups (from other companies)

7. Can an employee participate to several live trainings?

You can participate as many sessions as you wish.

8. Will I receive a certification after each training ?

  • For e-learning training materials posted on the page ”Trainings – E-learning”, you will be able to download a certificate of participation at the end of each course you complete
  • For Live Training events available, updated & published on the page ”Trainings – Live Trainings”, you will receive a certificate of participation for each live event you attended
  • For In-class training session organized in our locations or at your site, each participant will receive a cerificate in the last day of the training course by e-mail

9. How can we renew the subscription?

10.How can we cancel a subscription?

11. We need customized training/ Consultancy, is it possible to do tailor-made sessions?

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